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The face Shop: Pore Tightening-all in one serum

Well, I bought this serum at the end of 2015, if I’m not mistaken (This has been long since then).
I didn’t really care about skin care since my skin was so tough it could handle anything ( when I was in my 20s, I really mean anything from the hot blazing sun to anything you can imagine. Make up was out of the question, and still is!
However, since 2015 I started to see changes on my skin, where pores were becoming BIGGER with oily skin that I can’t bear and pimples that I didn’t even have when being a teenager!!
Hence, I looked around the online-shopping malls that I can find, and make a huge decision to buy this.
I have history of nearly 10 years with The Face Shop (2006-2015), so I tend to trust this brand more than any other. Cut things short, I tested this and this was how I felt:
When I used this, I really was looking for something easy to apply. I was sold! This is a serum, mosturizer and all other things. I brought this bottle everywhere, travelling, to my work place etc etc. I liked it at first.
Nonetheless, as the hot weather are becoming hotter,I felt more oil on my skin. I didn’t see improvement on the pore size but I still used it for six months. Then, I just can’t anymore.
It was not helping with the thing that I hate second to pimples, oil.
I really think that this product has the benefits but it is not suitable for me perhaps because I was facing issues that I guessed later on was in relation to hormones. As I read up about skin and its issues, I realized that I should look for something more specific for combination skin, so,
I let it go ~~


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